New York Society of Experimental Microscopists (NYSEM)
Mission and History
NYSEM was originally formed as the New York Society of Electron Microscopists in 1952. The group was based at the Rockefeller University in Manhattan and included scientists from the New York City metropolitan area. NYSEM filed its Certificate of Incorporation in the State of New York in 1963. As microscopic methods and applications advanced and expanded, the Officers and Board of Directors made a decision to change the name of NYSEM to the New York Society of Experimental Microscopists in 1997. NYSEM is a Local Affiliated Society of the Microscopy Society of America.

Mission Statement

From the original Certificate of Incorporation:
        "To acquire, increase, disseminate, and promote the interchange of knowledge and information of electron microscopy including all the techniques, uses and developments of electron microscopes or related equipment or methods and to establish and operate an institute for research in the ultrastructure of matter and for training in the methods of studying the ultrastructure of matter."

The NYSEM Logo


        The NYSEM logo shows the 
        New York City skyline set against
        the background of an transmission
        electron microscopy grid.

History of NYSEM (1952 - present)

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c/o Frank Macaluso, NYSEM President
Analytical Imaging Facility
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Bronx, NY 10461